Tuesday, 19 June 2012

There are a number of things that make being an illustrator difficult. These aren't complaints because being an illustrator is one of the best jobs in the world.

Why do people expect you to do work for nothing? I just don't get it. Try asking a solicitor to knock up a contract for nothing. It just doesn't work and yet if you say no the look of hurt and annoyance is amazing.

Some guy asked me recently to draw his barber's shop and the people who work there. I told him the price and he gasped in amazement. If I had agreed it would have taken me several days. Should I have done it for nothing....because he's a barber?

It annoys me.

I have a style of drawing and colouring. My examples are all over the place: On my website, my blog and in the public domain. Why is it I get asked to draw in someone else's style? I draw in my style. If you want it to look like someone else's style ask them to draw it. Oh, they're too expensive ae they? Then use another style!

It annoys me.

These things don't annoy me enough to start a revolutionary movement or a new political party but I would very much like the occurences to stop.

I remember a story that Phil May ( a 19th Century cartoonist/illustrator) was asked to do a commission for someone. When he delivered the piece the clent was angry that it had cost so much for so few lines. Phil May replied, 'The fewer lines I use the more I would charge'. He was charging for 30 years experience and a skilful use of line.

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